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Department of Linguistics
2016 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208
GV*: (609) 759-0562

Brief Overview

I am interested in how prosodic information affects sentence processing. Primarily, I look at the effects of sentence-level prosodic grouping, boundaries, and pauses on comprehension of complex syntactic structures. The syntactic structures I am currently working with are self-embedded center-embedded sentences (e.g., [1]) and locally ambiguous garden-path sentences (e.g., [2]).
  1. The jolly barber who the angry archer threatened hid in fear.
  2. Whenever he leaves the house [it's / is] dark.
    • Whenever he leaves, the house is dark.
    • Whenever he leaves the house, it's dark.
Intuitively, both of these constructions are made more clear by the addition of explicit prosodic phrasing. However, in silent reading, no such explicit cues are available. My interest in these types of constructions centers around the differences in processing in explicit, implicit, and incongruous prosodic contexts.

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